From our beginnings we have been amazed at how people interact with God when given permission to explore His story.

Each of our projects begins with the assumption that God longs for connection with humans, and the roadblocks to accessing God’s Story are constructed by us.

VERGE is our response to a roadblock for learning. The way we describe this roadblock is through the metaphor of ‘pulpit’.  Now, we’re not against a small upright structure that might help a speaker rest their notes, but we’ve also seen what an obstruction it can be to people’s learning.

A pulpit isn’t just about its function, but about what it represents — often seen as a point from which power is dispensed. For many people it exists on the assumption that the person standing behind it has all the answers.

And so the pulpit is a roadblock to faith.

Because of our passion for faith formation among young people, AccessTheStory has been busy dismantling the metaphor of the pulpit and sharing the power for learning among gathered communities everywhere.

VERGE began as week-long experience of story-telling, open dialogue, experiential exercises and creative response that provided space for young people to interact with God through the narrative of the Bible.

Over time, we have refined these practices and are now offering these learnings to teachers and leaders as they seek to engage young learners.

Our VERGE professional learning course is live now!


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Our flagship VERGE resource, 'THE WHOLE STORY' - now available for purchase — other related resources can also be found here.

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