Someone has said that
a good story is...

at first a piece of art that we look at, then becomes a lens which we look through. Stories invite us into another world, and can help transform the way we view our own world - circumstances, relationships, lives. Stories aren't just make-believe fairy-tales written to entertain us - they are portals into a greater understanding of ourselves, one another, our world and our Creator. The story of God isn’t just a story that is factually true, it is a story of truth, an invitation into truth, and a lens for us to discover truth.

We are DESIGNED by
an amazing Creator...

This story begins with the Eternal One - the God of all creation. A character who expressed His incredible character through what He DESIGNED.

but we’re BROKEN and
we know we mess up...

Our story takes a dramatic turn with the created rejecting their Creator. When the first humans were faced with a choice in the Garden of Eden, they chose to turn away from the desires of the Eternal One. The good, and very good, design was BROKEN - still beautiful, but not all that it was - not all that it can be. Deception. Comparison. Separation. Violence. Death.

we’re EXPECTANT that there’s
something much more than just us...

The Eternal One did not leave His creation without hope. Hope came in the promise of blessing through a people called by God’s name - to Adam & Eve; to Abraham; to Moses; to David ... God's story with the people of Israel, His people of promise, reveals His passion and purpose to restore His creation - and particularly humanity - to His original design. And so the people of promise looked forward to One who would be sent by God - Messiah. They were expectant, and somehow, so are we.

and we’ve come to see that Jesus’
PRESENCE and work on earth...

Creation awaited its Rescuer: Jesus - Messiah. Jesus showed humanity what God is like - bringing restoration into people’s lives. Showing compassion to those rejected. Healing the sick. Challenging injustice. Pointing us to the reign of God’s peace. Many followed Him. Others were threatened by Him. He was the fulfilment of "God with us."

need of brokenness...

God’s restoration wasn't just about Jesus being present though - His death to life story needed to take place. Payment was due for the brokenness humans had entered into: paid on the cross, and proven by the resurrection. God needed to be SATISFIED that justice was done - and when He was satisfied, we could truly know what it is to be satisfied as humans. God's restorative work was fulfilled - past, present and future through the person and work of Jesus - Messiah.

aligning us with God’s
great MISSION...

This story needs to be told - it began with the followers of Jesus - empowered by God's Spirit as God's agents, in their capital, country, and beyond. The spread of this story throughout the world came through the freedom, obedience and sacrifice of the community of Jesus' first followers. Those who saw this community, and heard this story, then also found faith in Jesus as the Messiah. These times were the beginning of what we now call "the church" - a people sent by God with Jesus as their message, for the sake of the world. And so, we too, are invited into this mission as "agents of restoration" in our world today.

for creation to be
RESTORED to Himself.

The final episode is anticipated, and still being written. God’s story will be complete when He brings about ultimate restoration - when He will be all in all. No more death, or crying, or pain - RESTORED - the day is coming when all of creation will be as it was designed to be. God's telling a story - and He wants to write us in. Our trust in Him as our Great Author, the restorer of our brokenness, brings us into the greatest reality we could ever know.