Our Story

Who We Are

AccessTheStory Incorporated is an Australian-based Christian not-for-profit with a passion for Jesus-centred faith formation among young people.

“We see ourselves as an incubator for ideas and initiatives that will help people move beyond their roadblocks to faith.”

We are grateful for the privilege of working through relational networks across most Christian denominations and with a variety of independent schools. 

We are also proud to hold affiliate membership with Baptist Churches of South Australia and Northern Territory.

AccessTheStory is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Our Ambition:

“AccessTheStory exists to release people into God’s Story through timely ministry responses.”

Our Core Practices:

We contend that the unique value we bring is found in our core practices of:

  • Holding Space — being physically, mentally, and emotionally present for people as they experience whatever they need to without shaming or rushing to fix them.
  • Story Intersection — providing a safe space for people to consider how their story might intersect with a larger story in order to explore a deeper context and meaning for their own story.
  • Sustained Innovation — a resolute posture of seeking to answer the question of whether our activity is meeting people where they are at and enabling opportunities to further their faith experience.

Our Projects:

As an incubator for ideas and initiatives, we embrace the role of research and development in the ministry sector. Practically speaking, this involves identifying some key barriers to faith that people are experiencing and providing responses that help them move beyond these barriers.

Our current projects can be found here.

Our DNA:

You can read our DNA here, or experience it here.

We describe God’s Story as the movement of God in the world and in our lives. Accessing God’s Story is about experiencing God’s greater reality and our place in that reality. The Bible Story is a primary entrance point into relationship with God — revealing the person and work of Jesus, the Bible is often referred to as God’s Story — but it is also true that the Story of God is more than the written record of the Bible.

In referring to God’s Story we’re thinking of the movement of God — discovered through the Bible, but also beyond the Bible.

God’s Story has far more capacity to bring transformation into our lives than any well-crafted modern story — we uphold it as the greatest story of all time — a story to be experienced and embraced and retold.

Our Team:

Travis Johnson: Director

Pixi Johnson: Project Manager - Junktion

Adrian Blenkinsop: Project Manager - Converge

Hannah Juanta: Office Assistant

Bethany Johnson: Junktion Assistant Manager

Our Board:

Danyelle Lituri - Chair

Tim Beeck

Heather Bowman

Travis Johnson