VERGE - Learning Rhythms


VERGE is our project designed for leaders and learners to slow down and interact with the story of God together.  

This page invites you to experience our online 'learning rhythms' course.

From AccessTheStory’s beginnings, VERGE has been our flagship experience.
Before then our team was involved with Youth Ministries Australia where we ran a similar experience called IMMERSE.

Since 2008, our team have seen hundreds of people invited into God’s Story – and now we’re excited to make this content available through our 'whole story' resource, and this, our online 'learning rhythms' course.

Each of our four learning rhythms provide accessible frameworks and practices for you to engage your learners in the Bible Story -- so you can create moments for you and your group to discover what it means to deepen their relationship with God.

Our learning rhythms course consists of five 10 minute videos and an A3 chart that will help you capture the key concepts presented.  We estimate that the questions provided will engage you for about 10 minutes each session.  

That's 100 minutes of professional learning for only $49!!

(A certificate of completion can also be requested upon presentation of your completed learning chart).

 The five sessions are as follows:

  • INTRO -- presenting the backdrop and overview of the content, as well as the learning chart used to track your own learnings
  • 1. STEP into the story -- presenting a framework and examples for engaging story-telling.
  • 2. SIT in the story -- presenting a framework and examples for meaningful dialogue
  • 3. WALK in the story -- presenting a framework and examples for immersive experiences
  • 4. SPEAK out the story -- presenting a framework and insights for healthy response facilitation

Sample the content here through our introduction video:


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