"Loving our people in all things."

With nearly 40% of Australian young people experiencing serious anxiety or depressive symptoms, every household with high-school aged students either has, or knows, a young person experiencing mental ill-health. 

Parents are feeling stuck.  Ill-equipped.  Overwhelmed.  Exasperated.  

With a number of years experience in faith-formation among young people, we're recognising how our approach can be valuable in the support of parents.

Each of our projects begins with the assumption that God longs for connection with humans, and the roadblocks to accessing God’s Story are constructed by us.

RESOLUTE LOVE is our response to a roadblock for connection between parents and their young people experiencing mental health struggles.

The way we describe this roadblock is through the metaphor of ‘platform’ - because when we parent from a platform we remain at a distance.   Now, we’re not saying the message from the platform is wrong, but person-centred care will always provide a greater opportunity for the experience of love.

And so the ‘platform’ is a roadblock to faith.

Dismantling the platform mentality to mental health-care reduces the distance between a message of love and a person's lived experience.

Because of our passion for faith formation among young people, AccessTheStory is seeking to hold space (dismantling the platform) for household carers as they support young people experiencing mental health challenges.

The RESOLUTE LOVE project is in pilot phase at this point in time - check out the project website now for an up-to-date insight of what we're offering: