No matter how sad; afraid; alone; diverse, or elevated. 

Whatever their experience, we’re believing there are many parents, carers and friends who can't help but keep showing up.

Each of our projects begins with the assumption that God longs for connection with humans, and the roadblocks to accessing God’s Story are constructed by us.

RESOLUTE LOVE is our response to a roadblock for connection between people who are supporting someone who is struggling with their mental health. 

The way we describe this roadblock is through the metaphor of ‘platform’.  Now, we’re not against a space that enables an en masse approach to delivering a message, but we’ve also seen what an obstruction a platform can be to someone's experience of love.

A platform isn’t just about its function, but about what it represents — often creating a distance between a message of love and a person's lived experience. For many people it stands as an impenetrable wall of depersonalisation.

And so the platform is a roadblock to faith.

Because of our passion for faith formation among young people, AccessTheStory is seeking to dismantle the metaphor of the platform so that parents, carers and friends might feel supported and empowered to love their people in all things.

RESOLUTE LOVE exists as a concept alone at this point in time - no doubt, an AccessTheStory response will involve our core practices of holding space, story intersection and sustained innovation, but for now we are in a season of listening.

(CLICK HERE for an infographic giving results of our pilot survey)

So, if you're caring for someone who is struggling with their mental health, we would love to hear from you through our current survey - goto: