In August 2012, Pixi Johnson reclaimed the space of a derelict shopfront and had it refitted as a recycled goods, and coffee & cake store.

JUNKTION has become a funky meeting place which not only enables a small income stream for our projects, it is also an exciting opportunity for community engagement with local residents.

Each of our projects begins with the assumption that God longs for connection with humans, and the roadblocks to accessing God’s Story are constructed by us.

JUNKTION is a response to the roadblock for connection between people in our local community.

The way we describe this roadblock is through the metaphor of a ‘closed door’.  It can be disappointing when we expect to cross a threshold into laughter, life, and connection with others; and we're met with an impenetrable barrier of fear, suspicion or judgement.

And so a 'closed door' is a roadblock to faith.

JUNKTION has proven to be a hope-filled response to this roadblock.  Not only is the use of the chapel we're in a literal opening of a church door, it is also an opening into an experience of what church can feel like.

This great little example of sustainable community engagement is providing people with a bargain, great coffee and sweet treats; and along the way it has fostered genuine relationship and engagement among people in our local community.

In 2017, after 5 successful years in Sturt, Pixi embraced the opportunity to cast the vision of Junktion to the people at Happy Valley Baptist Church.  Through our mutual friendship we were excited to relocate to their small chapel under the shadow of Happy Valley reservoir.  If you’re nearby, pop in for a coffee and a bargain!

We are at: 72 Candy Road, Happy Valley, SA - open 9.30am-4.00pm Tues-Fri, and 9.30-12.30 Sat – during school terms.

If you are interested to know more, jump on the website – www.junktion.org