Converge Oceania is a relational network of youth leaders, currently comprised of representatives of key ministry organisations and denominations across Australia and New Zealand.

The vision of Converge is to support and equip the church in Australia & New Zealand to continue to reach and disciple young people. 

Converge does this through prayerfully and practically supporting each other’s ministries, as well as working on joint projects that will support and equip the church in Australia & New Zealand to more effectively understand and engage young people.

These days faith and belief are not what they used to be, and this leads some to argue that the way we seek to help young people discover and follow Jesus must fundamentally change as well. Whilst its easy to say social media and peers are the main influences, the truth is much more nuanced and challenging than that.

Converge is undertaking a national research project, called Your Story, which is gathering faith stories from hundreds of young people, in order to better understand what faith and spirituality look like today, and how this relates to deep cultural shifts in our society. This project will help the church better understand the spiritual trajectories of young people, and enable them to develop evidence-based ministry approaches and practices as a result.

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