Cebu - Philippines

AccessTheStory partners with Ambassador Church in Cebu.

Florde Mae is a 20 year old hospitality worker who longs to see her family live beyond their poverty-stricken environment in the Filipino city of Cebu.

Three years ago she was unable to attend school because her family could not afford to send her.

One day she was offered an opportunity to be sponsored through AccessTheStory’s partnership with Ambassador church, who were caring for the kids in her community.

Over the next 2 years Florde Mae received a weekly allowance for transport to college through AccessTheStory under the supervision of the local church.

When she graduated from college she was able to get a job at a hotel, and she now helps her mother put food on the table at home.

Just over two weeks ago, our team returned from their 12 day trip to Cebu in the Philippines.

There, they ran a short VERGE camp:

Our Director, Trav, ran a 2 day leadership seminar:

and the team served with local Christian communities among the poor:

It is such a privilege to be partnering with Ambassador Church of Christ in Cebu as they see God’s love impact their neighbours.

If you would like to further AccessTheStory’s partnership with Ambassador Church in Cebu – go to:


Cebu - Phillipines