VERGE - Professional Learning


VERGE is designed for you and your group to slow down and interact with the story of God.

From AccessTheStory’s beginnings, VERGE has been our flagship experience.
Before then our team was involved with Youth Ministries Australia where we ran a similar experience called IMMERSE.

Since 2008, our team have seen hundreds of people invited into God’s Story – and now we’re excited to make this content available for you to journey your group through this experience.

Each of the seven sessions focus on a portion of the Bible narrative, and will create moments for you and your group to discover what it means to deepen their relationship with God.

We're currently offering this experience as a Professional Learning exercise for teachers and leaders -- providing two main outcomes:

  • a reflective space for team members to interact with the narrative of the Bible
  • a launching pad that sparks ideas and empowering for teachers and leaders to engage learners in new ways.

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