SHERPA is a leadership formation initiative built upon the premise that the function of spiritual leadership emerges through the journey of intentional Christian discipleship.

SHERPA provides a series of learning environments for both 'SEASONED' and 'EMERGING' leaders.  As they engage in God's story together, participants will be provided with the opportunity to deepen their walk with God, and strengthen the integrity of their influence among those around them.

The purpose of SHERPA is three-fold:

  1. providing a discipleship space for people in leadership or pastoral roles.
  2. providing inspiration and practical tools to encourage the development of new leaders.
  3. providing a model for ministry diagnosis and coaching.

SHERPA is delivered in partnership with local ministry teams and organisations -- firstly through a spiritual formation retreat, then through coaching pathways in consultation with local partners.

As a cohort steps into the SHERPA initiative, the content can then unfold across a maximum of four retreats over a 12-18 month period.

AccessTheStory is currently working with ministry partners (Churches of Christ / Youth Vision SA, Uniting Churches SA & Scripture Union SA) to facilitate the SHERPA experience with a leadership network across the Eyre Peninsula.

Here's the EP story:

On the 17th of October 2020 we ran an intro session for local leaders in Tumby Bay - check out Trav Johnson's reflection on the event below:

On the 12th-14th March 2021, five seasoned and four emerging leaders from across the Eyre Peninsula experienced the first SHERPA retreat - centred around personal formation:

"Don't be intimidated. This is a safe, nurturing place to explore the adventure you've been on and where you're going." - Amy (Life Church, Tumby Bay)

Upon the request of the majority of those who attended, we're now imagining what the next retreat can look like.

The next retreat in the SHERPA journey focuses on team or tribe formation - where a ministry team or faith community have the opportunity to consider how their identity, purpose and priorities are being shaped by the Story of God.

The main priorities in this second retreat are: 

  • reviewing the SHERPA journey so far.
  • introducing Jesus' perspective on leadership
  • experiencing an overview of Jesus' life in order to explore His way of leading others
  • integrating the discoveries of leaders and teams into a story-formed strategic plan

Drop us a line if you're keen to know more!