SHERPA is in an integrated leadership formation process -- based on the premise that the gift and function of leadership emerges through intentional investment in the spiritual formation of emerging Jesus-followers.

The purpose of SHERPA is three-fold:

  1. providing a discipleship space for people in leadership or pastoral roles.
  2. providing inspiration and practical tools to encourage the development of new leaders.
  3. providing a model for ministry diagnosis and coaching.

SHERPA is delivered in partnership with local ministry teams and organisations -- firstly through a spiritual formation retreat, then through coaching pathways in consultation with local partners.

AccessTheStory is currently in conversation with ministry partners (Churches of Christ / Youth Vision SA & Scripture Union SA) with the intent of running a SHERPA retreat on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia in early 2020.

On the 17th of October we ran an intro session for local leaders in Tumby Bay - check out Trav Johnson's reflection on the event below:

INFO for the SHERPA retreat on the Eyre Peninsula (12-14 March 2021) is now available!

Download flyer here.