Beyond Black Summer

‘Beyond Black Summer’ is a session that will help you and your team navigate the terrain on the recovery side of disaster -- scroll down to discover how you can access this session now!

(Ref from video: ABC article of Hugh Bainger found here)


How do we recover from this?

A question undoubtedly on the lips of many Australians as the Black Summer bushfires blaze across the country for seven months in 2019/20.  

Two weeks after the last burn is under control, the world's attention quickly shifts to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the same question echoes across the globe.


Bushfire recovery provides us with a lens on how we can process disaster, and then seek to flourish in our own recovery.

For most of us a bushfire disaster is far more tangible than the disaster of pandemic, but there’s little doubt that that’s what we’d call it — a disaster. 

A large scale disaster can have a deep impact on leaders — leaving us feeling disoriented and languishing. Whether you’re leading a family, school group, church, not-for-profit, or business — you’re processing a set of questions you’ve never had to face before.

Intuition might help in the first response to disaster, but ‘fight or flight’ will only get you so far.


‘Beyond Black Summer’ is a session that will help you and your team navigate the terrain on the recovery side of disaster. 

This session takes the phases & principles of disaster recovery and invites you to apply them to your leadership context. You and your team are given language, frameworks and a simple strategic plan process to guide you into your new season.

Part spiritual reflection, and part strategic planning, Beyond Black Summer invites you to create a safe environment for your people to emerge from their state of emergency.


You can access this session one of two ways:

Personal presentation -- email us now to arrange a 1 hour in-person or video conference presentation, on a 'pay what you like' basis.

Self-led online course -- for $49 you will have access to the session content through 7 short videos and the corresponding charts for personal reflection.  

The session outline is as follows:

  1. INTRODUCTION -- introducing the metaphor, and providing your reflection charts for download.
  2. PICTURE A BUSHFIRE -- considering the strengths and limitations of the metaphor.
  3. PHASES OF RECOVERY -- introducing the phases of bushfire recovery, and considering how they correspond with your experience.
  4. MOVEMENT TO RECOVERY -- considering the contrast between bushfire and your experience of pandemic.
  5. RECOVERY DOMAINS -- considering how you might prioritise energy and resource distribution in a recovery process.
  6. RECOVERY PRINCIPLES -- considering the environment you can foster for meaningful recovery.
  7. BUILD BACK BETTER -- considering how you build resilience and sustainability into your new season.

Sample the content here through our introduction video:

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