Vision 2021

Among the many challenges it presented, Covid-19 played a cruel joke on any leaders who triumphantly spruked their "2020 vision"!

Nonetheless, we believe God invites us to keep one eye on the horizon and another on our next step, so here is our vision in 2021.

We've committed ourselves to the the opportunity to share our vision with partners and supporters throughout May and June 2021. Feel free to check it out!

THE BIG QUESTION WE'RE ASKING: "How do we engage learners in a way that moves them beyond their expectations?"

OUR RESPONSE: "A Story-Formed Approach"


OUR MISSION: "AccessTheStory exists to empower teachers & leaders to see a generation of learners find faith through God’s Story."

OUR VISION: "To see a story-formed approach move from ‘emerging’ to ‘mainstream’ practice over the next decade."

OUR ACTIVITY: "Raising up story-formed practitioners through our workshops and resources."

For a more detailed presentation, check the video below from our vision day on the 16th of May:


"Embrace true humility, and lift your heads to extend love to others.” — Philippians 2:6
EXTEND is our word for 2021.
Not a striving to go further, but an unfolding in order to be carried.
Allowing the breath of God to carry us into the opportunities for loving others.