This week we participated in SA Baptist's 'INSPIRE' conference - and it certainly lived up to it's name!

Check out Trav Johnson's takeaway:

This week I was one of the speakers at SA Baptist's INSPIRE conference.
I met some great people - renewed some old friendships, and began some new ones.
Of the insightful sessions on how God's people are showing and sharing God's love in our culture, I was particularly encouraged by one session via zoom.

Rachel Jordan-Wolf from HOPE TOGETHER in the UK, called in from London and unpacked some compelling survey results on her culture's perception of practicing Christians.

Two questions/responses struck me:
1. The percentage of people who knew a practicing Christian - 76%!
2. The top 3 perceptions people have of a practicing Christian - certainly not what I expected
She gave stats from her context, but we were also provided with similar research in Australia.

For the first question, 92% of Australians know at least one Christian.  And the top three perceptions weren't 'judgemental' or 'old-fashioned', but 'caring', 'loving' and 'kind'. (see www.faithandbelief.org.au)

Rachel's message was — "stop listening to the perception from popular media, and let the truth of public research shape your perspective."

I came away having my deficit mentality confronted and challenged — I was being invited into a sufficiency mindset - that in our culture it actually possible to freely show and share God's love as God's people.

Keep your eye out for INSPIRE SA in 2021!